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Address Quality Benefits

Ensuring Deliverability
Virtually every organization collects, stores and uses address data. From direct marketing, to order fulfillment and billing, accurate addresses lead to better results.

The negative consequences of incorrect addresses go beyond delayed mail. Wasted materials, lost opportunities and reduced customer satisfaction plague organizations with poor address quality. Address quality affects the lifeblood of every organization.

What Address Quality Delivers
An address quality solution protects your investment in lead generation and customer retention programs, ensures the deliverability of your mail, makes your communications more effective and eliminates considerable waste. In short, it saves your organization money.

  • Pay fewer address change fees shippers can save up to $10 per package
  • Eliminate postage, materials and time wasted on undeliverable mail, instantly increase ROI on direct mail
  • Deliver packages and mail more quickly the first time

How to Improve Address Quality
Increase the quality of your addresses with point-of-entry address verification and regular database cleansing with USPS® CASS Certified mailing services provided by Sir Speedy.

The solutions we provide deliver:

  • Standardized address data, Spellings, abbreviations, city names and ZIP® codes corrected to meet USPS guidelines.
  • Verified deliverability. Check addresses against the USPS DPV database to verify the delivery point exists.
  • A recipient's most recent address. Every year the Postal Service handles over 40 million address-change requests for individuals and businesses. Verify that your addresses are up to date.
  • Complete postal data elements, Add nine-digit ZIP codes, Line of Travel data, Carrier Route number, delivery points and other items to your database for postal pre-sorting, market segmentation and more.

The Fast Track to Better Address Quality
If you mail to address lists owned by others, use Sir Speedy Mailing Services to clean, update and correct the addresses. The mailings will be more effective and qualify for the greatest applicable postage discounts. Our integrated address quality solutions deliver the most efficient and long-lasting increase in the overall quality of your organization's addresses.

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