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Evaluate Direct Mail Copy

How can you know if your direct mail sales materials are ready to mail? Check it against these 12 guidelines from Don Kanter, the US direct mail specialist.

  1. Does the writer know the product? Has the writer dug out every selling point and benefit? Has the writer concentrated on communicating product benefits instead of features only?

  2. Does the writer know their market? Are they aiming at the most likely prospects rather than at the world in general?

  3. Is the writer talking to the prospect in language that the prospect will understand?

  4. Does the letter look like and read like a letter written by one individual and intended for another individual? Or does it sound like it is written by an organization, and intended for the masses?

  5. Does the writer make a promise to the prospect and then prove that the writer can deliver on that promise?

  6. Does the writer get to the point soon enough? Do they make that all-important promise quickly?

  7. Is the copy relevant and specific to the selling proposition?

  8. Is the copy concise?

  9. Is the copy logical and clear? Does it follow a logical progression?

  10. Is the copy enthusiastic? Does the writer obviously believe in what they are selling?

  11. Is the copy complete? Are all the questions answered, especially obvious ones like product size and color?

  12. Is the copy designed to sell? Or, is it designed to impress the reader with the writer's ability. You don't want prospects to exclaim, That's a great mailing! You want them to exclaim: That's a great product, and I want one now.

Source: Alan Sharpe is a direct mail copywriter who helps businesses sell products and generate leads using creative direct mail marketing. You can subscribe to Sharpe & Direct at

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