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Mailing Tips
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Mailing Tips

Address Quality Benefits
The negative consequences of incorrect addresses go beyond delayed mail. Wasted materials, lost opportunities and reduced customer satisfaction plague organizations with poor address quality. Address quality affects the lifeblood of every organization.

Mailing Layout Templates
Free Sample of mailing sizes and templates for postcards, letters and flats.

Postal Regulations
The US Postal Service has specific requirements about printed products that are mass mailed using pre-sorted, automated methods like First Class Pre-sorted or Pre Sort Standard.

13 Proven Powerful Words
You have approximately 8 seconds to hook the respondent before he tosses your piece in the trash. What you need is a headline with immediate IMPACT. Something that is short, sweet, and completely compelling.

Postage Rate Increase
The USPS just released the following postage costs changes. The price for a one-ounce First-Class stamp will increase from 42 to 44 cents.

Evaluate Direct Mail Copy
How can you know if your direct mail sales materials are ready to mail? Check it against these 12 guidelines from Don Kanter, the US direct mail specialist.

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