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Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing is a means of communicating with your prospects and customers using several different marketing mediums that carry a consistent look, feel, and message strategy. Since no two people respond to marketing in the same manner, integrated marketing helps boost the likelihood that your audience will respond. Each medium used enhances the additive effect of integrated marketing, making a more impactful and effective marketing campaign.

Integrated marketing can satisfy many business objectives. For instance, promotional mailers and flyers can help with lead generation; posters and banners can increase brand awareness; and personalized direct mail can help you cross-sell and upsell to your customers.

Integrated Marketing Service

Popular marketing mediums to integrate into your next marketing campaign include:

Marketing Services


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“Marketers report an average improvement of
35% for multi-channel campaigns using print,
email and web landing pages.”

InfoTrends, MultiChannel Communications Measurement and Benchmarking Study

At Sir Speedy we help our customers benefit from “best practices” in integrated marketing. Although consistency of message is important in integrated marketing, integrated marketing isn’t just focused on the message it’s focused on the relevancy of the message, which incorporates targeted direct marketing practices. Our direct marketing and data services including list acquisition, segmentation and profiling, help you learn more about your customers so you can improve your marketing messages to them to achieve higher response, adoption and loyalty.

Why not try something new? Call us today to take advantage of the benefits that integrated marketing provides.


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