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Pack & Go Publisher Files



If you want an 8.5” x 11” sheet you must create an 8.5” x 11” inch document.

If you want an 24” x 36” poster you must create an 24” x 36” document.

If you want an 2.0” x 3.5” business card you must create a 2.0” x 3.5” document.

If your document is not made to the correct final size before it is given to us, we cannot output it at the correct size for you, without additional graphics time charges being billed.

Step One
Open your file in Publisher, go to the menu bar that runs across the top of the window and click on the word File.

This will cause the file options menu to drop down you can click on the bottom edge of this menu to cause it to expand to display all the options.

The option you want to select should be the 8th one down, it will be called Pack and Go when you move your arrow down to this option an additional submenu should appear off to the side, from the submenu select the choice that says Take to a Commercial Printer this will cause a dialogue box to be displayed this will be a Pack and Go Wizard.

Step Two
When you get to the Pack and Go Wizard dialogue box click on the Next button at the bottom of the box. This will open a new dialogue box that will be asking you to select a location for saving your files. Select the Browse key this will allow you to select where you want to save your files to. The desktop or your main hard drive are two locations that are easy to locate. Once you have gone to your chosen location create a new folder there, you can do this by using the yellow folder icon located in the upper right area of this dialogue box, name your new folder and select the O.K. button.

This will return you to the previous dialogue box but now your location path to your new folder will be showing in the area to the left of the Browse button. You can now select the “Next” button at the bottom of this box. A new dialogue box will appear that says include fonts and graphics at the top with 3 options with white boxes next to them, make sure all 3 boxes have check marks in them. If any are not checked click on them to make a check mark appear. Once all 3 boxes are checked select the Next button at the bottom of the dialogue box. You will now get a dialogue box that says Pack my Publication select the Finish button at the bottom of this box. It will display a working line and when finished it should then tell you your publication was successfully packed and at this point you can either print out a composite proof or not. Pick your choice and select the O.K. button at the bottom. You can close Publisher now and locate your new folder that you have created.

However you should always include a hard copy printout of your file when you are sending it to be output from a computer other than the one it was created on. Because when digital files are moved to another computer the type can change appearance or reflow, imports and photos may also fail to print.

Step Three
You should now have your new folder with three files inside it.

  • Packed01.puz
  • Readme.txt
  • Unpack.exe

Please make sure all three pieces are kept together and sent in a folder to Sir Speedy, Email files to:

If you are sending the files over email you can zip or stuff your folder and fax the hard copy to us at 727/823-1382.

If you are writing to a CD or other transport media please send the hard copy with it.

If you have questions or need assistance please call 727/823-1162.

Click here, if you would like to download and print this file.

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